Lynda La Plante, author of the Prime Suspect series, on tour January, February, and March 2012

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To celebrate the re-release of the Prime Suspect series, all three books will be on tour.

About Prime Suspect

• Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks (January 17, 2012)

The moment Jane Tennison takes over Scotland Yard’s investigation into the death of sex worker Della Mornay, two grim facts become immediately clear to her. First, that the constabulary’s old boy club is determined to hinder, harass, and undermine the new female Detective Chief Inspector at every turn. And second, that their murder victim isn’t Della Mornay.

Now the police are a step behind, and a madman is loose on the streets of London. To apprehend the criminal stalking women through the city’s shadows, Tennison will have to steel herself against the hostility of her fellow officers and conceal her own mounting obsession with breaking through the glass ceiling of the station house—even as department politics, a crumbling relationship, and a wickedly elusive prime suspect threaten her very existence.

A dark and riveting race against the clock, Prime Suspect is an unforgettable introduction to this bestselling series from Edgar Award-winning author Lynda La Plante.

About Prime Suspect 2: A Face in the Crowd

• Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks (January 17, 2012)

The coroner’s report identifies the body as young, black, female, and impossibly anonymous. Yet one thing is clear to Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison about the latest victim discovered in one of London’s poorest districts—that news of her murder will tear apart a city already crackling with racial tensions, hurling Scotland Yard and Tennison herself into a maelstrom of shocking accusations and sudden, wrenching violence.

Even as London’s brutal killer remains at large, Tennison remains locked in a struggle to overcome her station house’s brutal chauvinism and insidious politicking. And as the department’s deeply rooted racism rears its head to overshadow every facet of her new investigation, the trail of her prime suspect is growing colder. Worse, when the details of the beleaguered detective’s stormy personal life explode across the headlines of London’s sleaziest tabloids, Tennison’s already frenzied determination to bring the killer to justice will be catapulted into obsession—one that could send her spiraling over the edge.

About Prime Suspect 3: Silent Victims

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks (January 17, 2012)

Chief Detective Inspector Jane Tennison has moved up the ranks, fighting every step of the way to break through the station house’s glass ceiling. Now, on her first day as the head of the Vice Squad, a case comes in that threatens to destroy everything she has worked for.

As Vera Reynolds, drag queen and night club star, swayed onstage singing “Falling in Love Again,” a sixteen-year-old rent boy lay in the older man’s apartment, engulfed in flames. When Tennison’s investigation reveals an influential public figure as her prime suspect, a man with connections to politicians, judges, and Scotland Yard, she’s given a very clear message about the direction some very important people would like her investigation to take. Suddenly, in a case defined by murky details, one fact becomes indisputably clear—that for Tennison, going after the truth will mean risking her happiness, her career, and even her life.

About Lynda La Plante

Lynda La Plante’s fourteen novels, including the Prime Suspect series, have all been international bestsellers. She is an honorary fellow of the British Film Institute and a member of the UK Crime Writers Awards Hall of Fame. She runs her own television production company and lives in London and Easthampton, New York.

Visit her at her website.

Lynda’s Tour Stops

Monday, January 23rd: Sidewalk Shoes (Prime Suspect)

Wednesday, January 25th: Wordsmithonia (Prime Suspect)

Tuesday, January 31st: Jenn’s Bookshelves (Prime Suspect and A Face in the Crowd)

Monday, February 6th: Sara’s Organized Chaos (Prime Suspect and A Face in the Crowd)

Wednesday, February 8th: Jenn’s Bookshelves (Silent Victims)

Tuesday, February 14th: Jen’s Book Thoughts (Prime Suspect)

Wednesday, February 15th: Life In Review (Prime Suspect and A Face in the Crowd)

Thursday, February 16th: My Two Blessings (Prime Suspect)

Thursday, February 23rd: Life In Review (Silent Victims)

Tuesday, February 28th: My Two Blessings (A Face in the Crowd)

Wednesday, February 29th: Wordsmithonia (A Face in the Crowd)

Thursday, March 1st: Mockingbird Hill Cottage (Prime Suspect and A Face in the Crowd)

Wednesday, March 14th: Jen’s Book Thoughts (A Face in the Crowd)

Thursday, March 15th: My Two Blessings (Silent Victims)

Monday, March 19th: Sidewalk Shoes (Silent Victims)

Tuesday, March 20th: A Bookworm’s World (Prime Suspect, A Face in the Crowd, and Silent Victims)

Wednesday, March 21st: Chunky Monkey (Prime Suspect)

Thursday, March 22nd: Reviews by Molly (Prime Suspect and A Face in the Crowd)

Wednesday, March 28th: Wordsmithonia (Silent Victims)

Thursday, March 29th: Mockingbird Hill Cottage (Silent Victims)


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  1. I enjoyed the television mini series of Prime Suspect tremendously when it first came out – particularly the first two.

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