Shana Mahaffey, author of Sounds Like Crazy, on tour April 2010

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About Sounds Like Crazy

Sounds Like Crazy is as a darkly comic and ultimately healing story about Holly Miller, an Emmy Award winning cartoon voiceover performer who has actual voices in her head, multiple personalities who make her career a huge success, and shield her from a terrible secret in her past.

“I couldn’t tell her that even when you decide you’ve paid-in-full, if what you’ve paid for has become part of the framework of your life, you can’t let it go that easily. But if Sarah had forgiven herself, maybe it was time for me to try.”

It’s Holly Miller’s thirtieth birthday. Her older sister Sarah has flown across the country to encourage her to forgive herself and try to have more than a barely there boyfriend and two cats. The question is, can she? Holly has a secret she’s kept most of her life. She has a Committee of five people living inside her head. One of them called Ruffles is so large her bulk makes Holly’s head tilt permanently to the left. Another one, Betty Jane, is a mean modern day Scarlett O’Hara who makes her carry Charmin toilet paper everywhere because she refuses to use anything else. To keep the Committee under wraps, Holly moved from California to New York City when she turned eighteen. Her mother didn’t ask why, she just started sending Holly’s Christmas gifts in October to make sure she stayed put. Holly’s estranged father covers her expenses, but she hasn’t seen or spoken to him since she left home. Then Holly is offered the chance to become a voiceover artist for an animated television show. Sarah tells her this is like asking Sybil to play the part of Lisa Simpson because the job requires ceding control to Betty Jane. But Holly wants a better life so she takes the job anyway and in doing so, she discovers that the Committee is not her deepest secret after all.

About Shana Mahaffey

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Mahaffey lives in San Francisco, California, in part of an Edwardian compound that she shares with an informal cooperative of family, friends, and five cats. She’s a survivor of catechism and cat scratch fever, and is a member of the Sanchez Grotto Annex, a writers’ co-op. Her novel, Sounds Like Crazy was named a notable book for Fall 2009 by the San Francisco Chronicle; and her work has appeared in publications such as Sunset Magazine, SoMa Literary Review, Spectrum Literary Journal, Reflections Literary Journal, and assorted literary blogs. In addition to writing fiction, Shana has contributed articles, white papers, and product reviews to various technology publications. She welcomes all visitors to her website and is happy to meet with book groups in-person or in cyberspace (phone/webcam/the works). Her cat blogs for her at

Book Trailer

Here is a book trailer by Ma Raab, German filmmaker and principal at, for Sounds Like Crazy. It has gotten a lot of attention!

Shana’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS

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Tuesday, April 6th: The Scholastic Scribe

Thursday, April 8th: Chefdruck Musings

Tuesday, April 13th: Life in the Thumb

Thursday, April 15th: Heart 2 Heart

Wednesday, April 21st: Knowing the Difference

Monday, April 26th: Rundpinne

Tuesday, April 27th: Raging Bibliomania

Wednesday, April 28th: Jenn’s Bookshelves

Thursday, April 29th: Bibliofreak


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