Jay Ruud, author of The Bleak and Empty Sea, on tour January/February 2018

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About The Bleak and Empty Sea

• Paperback: 217 pages
• Publisher: Encircle Publications (August 10, 2017)

“Fans of medieval mysteries and Arthurian legends will enjoy this imaginative tale of gallant knights” —Library Journal

A page-turning medieval whodunit written by an acclaimed medievalist, The Bleak and Empty Sea by Jay Ruud will appeal to fans of mysteries and Arthurian legend. This book, the third of the Merlin Mystery series, may take place in an era shrouded enchantment , but its human concerns are as modern as today. Filled with authentic detail and relatable characters, the book’s exploration of chivalry sheds a burning light on our most unchivalrous era.

When word comes to Camelot that Sir Tristram has died of wounds suffered in a skirmish, and that his longtime mistress, La Belle Isolde has subsequently died of a broken heart, Queen Guinevere and her trusted lady Rosemounde immediately suspect that there is more to the story of the lovers’ deaths. It is up to Merlin and his faithful assistant, Gildas to find the truth behind the myths surrounding these untimely deaths.

“Jay Ruud’s Merlin may or may not be a wizard, but the author certainly is, with his ability to infuse new energy into the well-loved mythical world of Arthur, once and future King. An imaginatively conjured tale, enlivened by the peripheral point of view of its narrator, Gildas, a young man coming of age in a time of legend. Enchanting!”—Kyran Pittman, New York Times best-selling author of Planting Dandelions

“Where most modern interpreters of the Arthurian tradition ignore the literary backgrounds of this magnificent cast of characters, Mr. Ruud meticulously provides accurate character genealogies and is refreshingly faithful to the medieval narratives he uses as his sources.”—Janet M. Jesmok, author of Malory and Christianity

“The Bleak and Empty Sea: The Tristram and Isolde Story is a perfect combination of Arthurian legend and a medieval whodunit. It’s a thinking person’s mystery; full of intricate storytelling and rich with fascinating details of life in the Middle Ages. I only hope Ruud continues to write more books in the Merlin series.”—Brenda Donelan, author of the University Mystery Series

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About Jay Ruud

Jay Ruud is the retired Chair of the English Department at the University of Central Arkansas, and former Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Northern State University. His Ph.D. in medieval literature turned him into an avid fan of the legends of King Arthur, and kindled a passion for retelling those stories in his own way. The Bleak and Empty Sea follows the first two books of the Merlin mystery series, Fatal Feast and The Knight’s Riddle.  A lover of Chaucer, Dante, and Tolkien, he has also authored four books of literary criticism and scholarship (on Chaucer, Dante, Tolkien, and an encyclopedia of medieval literature). In addition, he is a lifetime Cubs fan who finally lived to see a world series, and he hopes one day to visit Antarctica.  For more information, please go to jayruud.com.

Tour Stops

Wednesday, January 24th: Broken Teepee

Tuesday, January 30th: Girls in Books

Friday, February 2nd: No More Grumpy Bookseller

Thursday, February 8th: Ms. Nose in a Book

Wednesday, February 14th: Instagram: @theliterarybirds

Monday, February 19th: Stacy’s Books

Monday, February 19th: Lis Carey’s Library

Tuesday, February 20th: The Paperback Pilgrim

Wednesday, February 21st: Instagram: @suey_library

Sunday, March 25th: 5 Minutes For Books


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