Rachel Calish, author of The Demon Abraxas, on tour October 2013

Posted By on September 19, 2013

The Demon AbraxasAbout The Demon Abraxas

• Paperback: 264 pages
• Publisher: Bella Books (October 15, 2013)

San Francisco after dark can be full of unusual sights, but the last thing Ana Khoury expects to stumble across is black-garbed figures carrying a body into a building. Her call to 911 is interrupted by a blow to the head, plunging her into nothingness.

Sabel Young has long been attracted to the gentle and alluring Ana, but her esoteric assignments have left her with few options for romance. When she realizes that Ana has been taken—and by whom—her very private life and Ana’s normal world collide. Her orders were specific: she is not supposed to get involved with demons.

Even if Sabel’s interest in Ana weren’t already personal, there is no way she will leave a woman with no magic in the hands of dark powers. With daring and luck she pulls Ana to safety and at first it appears they have escaped dark magic unscathed. At first…”

Rachel CalishAbout Rachel Calish

Rachel Calish lives on the Internet, but frequently downloads herself into real-time so she can play with her pup and two cats. She’s a fan of Border Collie mixes, because any dog blends well with Border Collie, and stays in shape by trying to keep up with one. Rachel grew up on mythology and fairy tales, to which she has added a deep love for fantasy literature and gaming. These days, you can often find her in the company of literary werewolves and entrepreneurial elves. As her staid, grown-up personality, Rachel Gold, she is the author of the young adult novel Being Emily.

Rachel’s Tour Stops

Tuesday, October 15th: The Avid Reader

Wednesday, October 16th: Books Without Any Pictures

Monday, October 21st: Sara’s Organized Chaos

Thursday, October 31st: Ms. Nose in a Book

Monday, November 4th: Book Marks the Spot


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