Peter and Cheryl Barnes, authors of Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence, on tour July 2012

Posted By on June 11, 2012

About Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence

• Reading level: Ages 5 and up
• Hardcover: 36 pages
• Publisher: Little Patriot Press (May 22, 2012)

Written and illustrated by bestselling authors Peter andCheryl Barnes, this delightful children’s book does more than just entertain children with colorful illustrations and rhyming text, it also tells a very important story—the founding of our Nation.

Liberty Lee is a patriotic mouse that helped our Founding Father’s create America. From reminiscing about his ancestors settling in Jamestown to participating in the Boston Tea Party to helping his friend Thomas Jefferson draft the Declaration of Independence, Liberty Lee recounts the events that formed our Nation.

Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence is the only children’s book that explains important ideas from the Declaration of Independence in rhyming verse. The clever, rhyming text will help children understand many historical events including why the pilgrims left England to come to America, the reasons behind the Boston Tea Party, and the purpose of the Continental Congress.

Liberty Lee will delight and educate children from 5 to 8 years old as he teaches them about the Pilgrims, King George, the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers. Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence is the perfect way for parents to educate their little ones about the key people, battles and concepts that take center stage in our nation’s founding.

About Peter and Cheryl Barnes

Peter and Cheryl Barnes are the author/illustrator team behind many books featuring animal characters that teach children about history and government, including the bestselling House Mouse, Senate Mouse, which teaches how Congress makes our laws, and Woodrow the White House Mouse, about the White House and the job of the president.

Peter is a journalist and broadcaster who reports on public policy issues in Washington, D.C. Cheryl is an illustrator with a background in architecture. They live in Alexandria, Virginia, have two grown daughters, and are very proud grandparents of Tristan James Joyce.

Tour Stops

Wednesday, June 27th: Teach Beside Me

Thursday, June 28th: Frolic and Farce

Monday, July 2nd: Gathering Books

Monday, July 2nd: Classic Adventures

Monday, July 2nd: Inchworm Chronicles

Tuesday, July 3rd: My ordinary, every day, happily ever after

Wednesday, July 4th: Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books

Thursday, July 5th: Delightful Education

Friday, July 6th: Geo Librarian

Monday, July 9th: Aspiring Foster Mama

Monday, July 9th: Babblin Brooke

Tuesday, July 10th: Little Red Reads

Wednesday, July 11th: Heart Cries

Friday, July 13th: Chocolate on my Cranium

Monday, July 16th: Homespun Light


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