Marilyn Wedge, author of Pills Are Not For Preschoolers, on tour August/September 2012

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About Pills Are Not For Preschoolers

• Paperback: 256 pages
• Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (August 27, 2012)

“[Wedge’s] encouragement to look anew at the ‘problems’ our children have . . . is valuable and expert advice.”—Booklist

“Dr. Wedge’s book will help restore sanity to our ways with dealing with children with problems, which means all children.” –Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia and Seeking Peace

“Without blaming parents, Wedge describes how she helps the family system as a whole, treating it as a living organism with an amazing capacity for self-healing…”  —Publisher’s Weekly

“As a child psychiatrist trained in family therapy, I found this book to be absorbing reading.” –Stuart Kaplan, M. D. Professor of child Psychiatry, Penn State School of Medicine

Where can parents turn when their child exhibits disturbing behavior and they want to avoid psychiatric labels and drugs? Pills Are Not for Preschoolers presents a much-needed alternative: child-focused family therapy—a brief, effective approach that involves family members in the child’s therapy. A family therapist for more than twenty years, Marilyn Wedge treats children’s problems not as biologically determined “disorders” but as responses to relationships in their lives that can be altered with the help of a therapist. Parents can now respond to symptoms of ADHD, depression, and anxiety with respectful family prescriptives, not prescriptions—and Wedge brilliantly shows us how easy it can be to understand and implement her pathbreaking approach.

About Marilyn Wedge

Marilyn Wedge, Ph.D., is a family therapist in Westlake Village, California, with twenty years of experience helping parents find safe, drug-free solutions for troubled children and teens. She is the originator of “Strategic Child-Focused Family Therapy,” and the author of the book Pills are Not For Preschoolers: A Drug-free Approach for Troubled Kids. She has blogs on The Huffington Post and Psychology Today, and her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Babble, Natural Health Magazine and People Magazine.  Marilyn has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and had a post-doctoral fellowship at the Hastings Center for Bioethics. She has taught at The College of the Art Institute of Chicago and The California State University, East Bay. Marilyn lives in Oak Park, California with her husband Gene. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.

She can be found at, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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