Philip Delves Broughton, author of The Art of the Sale, on tour April 2012

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About The Art of the Sale

• Hardcover: 304 pages
• Publisher: The Penguin Press (April 12, 2012)

A revelatory examination of the elusive mix of talents that sparks successful selling and the essential role of sales in business, religion, romance, art, and every other corner of human experience.

Sales permeates everything we do-not just moving product, but convincing people of an argument, or getting a job, or attracting a mate, or getting a child to eat his broccoli. And as Delves Broughton discovers, selling well is an art that demands creativity, mindfulness, selflessness, resilience, and more. He travels around the world to teach himself and the reader the art and science of the sale. In Morocco, he observes a masterful merchant who thrives in the intensely competitive world of the Kasbah by using age-old principles to “read” his customers. In Tampa, he meets with Tony Sullivan, king of the infomercial, and discovers how important creating a good narrative is to selling effectively. In an Apple store and a sold-out seminar with sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer, he uncovers the stunning similarities between selling and organized religion, showing how the best in both realms inspires faith and a sense of duty in their customers.

Delves Broughton also unearths the vast cultural influence of sales, which has driven more people up the social ladder than any other activity. He talks to Ted Leonsis, who made his mark as president of AOL in the 1990s; celebrity art dealer Larry Gagosian; the most successful saleswoman in Japan, a hard-charging, high earner who discovered the Zen of sales in a Trappist monastery; and many others, both well known and obscure, who reveal the true nature and power of this
Though sales is the very engine of commerce and industry-more Americans work in this field than in manufacturing, marketing, or finance- it remains shrouded in mystery and myth. Few business schools teach it, and surprisingly little research has been done while gimmicky courses and how-to books abound. Delves Broughton sifts through the studies and popular guides to distill a unique, evidence-based investigation of a fascinating and undervalued endeavor. It’s also an eye-opening assessment of sales as social discourse, the means by which all of us get our way-and make our way-in the form.

About Philip Delves Broughton

Philip Delves Broughton was born in Bangladesh and grew up in England. From 1998-2004, he served successively as the New York and Paris bureau chief for The Daily Telegraph of Londonand reported widely from North and South America, Europe and Africa. He led the Telegraph’scoverage of the 9/11 attacks on New York and his reporting has twice been nominated for the British Press Awards. His work has also appeared in the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, and the Spectator. In 2006, he received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He currently lives in New York with his wife and two sons.


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