Marshall Ulrich, author of Running on Empty, on tour April/May 2011

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About Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner’s Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America

Hardcover: 320 pages

Publisher: Avery (April 14, 2011)

The ultimate endurance athlete, Marshall Ulrich has run more than 100 foot races averaging over 100  miles each, completed 12 expedition-length adventure races, and ascended the Seven Summits – including Mount Everest – all on his first attempt.  Yet his run from California to New York – the equivalent of running two marathons and a 10K every day for nearly two months straight – proved to be his most challenging effort yet.

Featured in the recent documentary film, Running America, Ulrich clocked the 3rd fastest transcontinental crossing to date and set new records in multiple divisions.  In Running on Empty, he shares the gritty backstory, including brushes with death, run-ins with the police, and the excruciating punishments he endured at the mercy of his maxed-out body.  Ulrich also reached back nearly 30 years to when the death of the woman he loved drove him to begin running – and his dawning realization that he felt truly alive only when pushed to the limits.

Filled with mind-blowing stories from the road and his sensational career, Ulrich’s memoir imbues an incredible read with a universal message for athletes and nonathletes alike: face the toughest challenges, overcome debilitating setbacks, and find deep fulfillment in something greater than achievement.

“Riveting—the man has endured more, experienced more, accomplished more than you can imagine.”
AMBY BURFOOT, editor-at-large of Runner’s World

“An athlete of astonishing grit …”
MARK BURNETT, producer of Survivor, Eco-Challenge, The Apprentice, and others

“A master of mental toughness, an endurance legend, and exactly the kind of example our country needs right now.”
KARA GOUCHER, U.S.A. Olympic and World Championships medalist

About Marshall Ulrich

Marshall Ulrich has appeared on ESPN, the Discovery Channel, ABC’s Wide World of Sports, Dateline, The Today Show, and The National Geographic Channel.  He has been featured in Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and The New York Times, among others.  His articles have appeared in Adventure Sports, Trial Runner, and Marathon & Beyond.  He is a highly sought-after trainer and speaker as well as a record-breaking athlete.  He lives in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Connect with Marshall on his website,, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Marshall Ulrich’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS:

Thursday, April 14th:  Shut Up and Run!

Friday, April 15th:  misszippy1

Monday, April 18th:  Endurance Isn’t Only Physical

Tuesday, April 19th:  I Am Boring

Wednesday, April 20th:  Run Faster Mommy!

Thursday, April 21st:  Run to the Finish

Friday, April 22nd:  The Running Man

Tuesday, April 26th:  Jill Will Run

Wednesday, April 27th:  SuperKate

Thursday, April 28th:  The Blue Eyed Runner

Friday, April 29th:  Ambitious Aspirations

Monday, May 2nd:  Age Groups Rock

Wednesday, May 4th:  Running and Rambling

Friday, May 6th:  Asthma and the Gift of Running

Tuesday, May 10th:  Caution: Redhead Running

Thursday, May 12th:  The Happy Runner

Wednesday, May 18th:  Runner’s Rambles: Confessions of a Runaholic



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