Mark Macdonald, author of Body Confidence, on tour April 2011

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About Body Confidence

• Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: HarperOne (April 5, 2011)

At last, there’s a nutrition and fitness program that doesn’t require you to develop superhuman willpower, shun entire food groups, or devote your every waking moment to the treadmill.

Body Confidence is a revolutionary approach based on three key nutrition factors that stabilize your blood sugar and keep your body in balance:

  • Eating at consistent meal intervals
  • Absolute certainty in essential nutrient ratio of protein, fat, and carbohydrates
  • Identifying and consuming the right amount of calories per meal

But there’s much more to Body Confidence than when and what you eat. You’ll become a master at:

  • Determining your current metabolism—and then reprogramming it
  • Focusing on body fat percentage rather than body weight
  • Setting measurable, motivating goals (short- and long-term, internal and external)
  • Following a customized, efficient, diverse exercise plan that makes you feel energetic and strong
  • Harnessing the powers of sleep, supplements, water, and stress management, all in perfect sync to optimize your body’s performance.

Body Confidence creator Mark Macdonald knows that weight loss doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and he has made room for “real life” at every stage of this program. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to some of Venice Nutrition’s extraordinary success stories, and learn how to stay on track no matter what life throws at you. Packed with recipes,nutrition guides, exercise journals, and Venice Nutrition’s proven goal-setting tools, Body Confidence walks you through every step of a process that has already changed thousands of lives.

Getting in shape (and staying in shape) no longer has to mean feeling deprived and hungry, living with low energy, being irritable and anxious, or obsessing about food and exercise. There is a way to make looking and feeling your best a permanent way of life.

About Mark MacDonald

Mark Macdonald is the author of BODY CONFIDENCE and founder and CEO of Venice Nutrition.

He opened the first Venice Nutrition Consulting Center in Venice Beach, California, in 1999. Since then, the company has grown to include more than 350 centers, 4,000 nutrition coaches, and 250,000 clients nationwide. In 2006, eager to bring his successful program to a wider audience, Mark launched Venice Nutrition Online, a fully interactive online version of the program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Mark’s big lesson in nutrition came when he finished college and stopped playing soccer. Despite the lack of activity, Mark continued to eat the food he was used to: fast food, pizza, and ice cream. He realized that without constant exercise, his body became a fat storing machine and before he knew it, he had gained 60 pounds of body fat in a 6 month period.

He began researching and experimenting with every diet in the industry. He thought he found the answer in the ketogenic diet, a high fat, high protein, and no carbohydrate plan. Following this plan, he went from 250 lbs. and 24% body fat to 180 lbs. and, 4% body fat in a four month period, and began his fitness modeling career. Over a four year period Mark read every fitness magazine, every nutrition book, and tried nearly every natural supplement on the market. He recalls, “I kept searching for answers because while I looked great, I felt horrible. I lived for my ‘cheat days’ and was grumpy six days a week and happy the one day each week that I ate carbohydrates. It was not the life I wanted, and I worked hard to find a better way.”

The Venice Nutrition Program is the product of Mark Macdonald’s lifelong interest in health and fitness. The program focuses on empowering every individual to achieve the full potential of their physical health and fitness. As a college athlete, and later as a professional fitness model, nutritionist, and personal trainer, Mark grew frustrated by incomplete health “solutions” and restrictive diets. He set out to learn how the human body works and discovered the power of blood sugar stabilization. After years of study, and extensive work with clients from all walks of life and all health and fitness levels, he designed the powerful three-step system that’s now available in BODY CONFIDENCE.

Mark is a frequent guest speaker at corporate events and universities and is represented by ISB for major lectures. He is frequently featured as a nutrition and fitness expert on Star 94 in Atlanta as well as Fit TV. Television personality Chelsea Handler is not only a client—she also wrote the introduction to BODY CONFIDENCE.

A native of Southern California, Mark Macdonald currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Abbi and their son. Visit the author online at

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