Dark Screams, Volumes 2 and 3, edited by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar, on tour May 2015

| January 29, 2015

About Dark Screams, Vol. 2 On Sale: March 03, 2015 Pages: 138 Published by : Hydra Robert McCammon, Norman Prentiss, Shawntelle Madison, Graham Masterton, and Richard Christian Matheson scale new heights of horror, suspense, and grimmest fantasy in Dark Screams: Volume Two, from Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar of the renowned Cemetery Dance Publications. […]

Rebecca Adams Wright, author of The Thing About Great White Sharks, on tour February/March 2015

| December 3, 2014

About The Thing About Great White Sharks and Other Stories Paperback: 182 pages Publisher: Little A (February 10, 2015) In this collection’s richly imagined title story, our brutal and resourceful protagonist is determined to protect her family from a murderous, shark-ridden world—at any cost. Elsewhere, an old woman uncovers a sinister plot while looking after […]

Pierre Ouellette, author of The Forever Man, on tour July 2014

| June 4, 2014

About The Forever Man: A Near Future Thriller • Alibi e-original (Random House) • 340 pages From the author of The Deus Machine and The Third Pandemic comes a fast-paced thriller about the power of harnessing life itself—and the deadly secrets it conceals. Portland, Oregon, was once a beacon of promise and prosperity. Now it’s the epicenter of a world […]

G. Michael Hopf, author of Sanctuary, on tour June/July 2014

| May 27, 2014

About Sanctuary: Book 3 of the New World Series Series: The New World Series Paperback: 368 pages Publisher: Plume (May 27, 2014) Months after a super-EMP attack devastates America, the country is now unrecognizable. Major cities are run by gangs, survivors are dying of starvation and the government is losing control. Those who were prepared for the end […]

K. Makansi, author of The Sowing, on tour November/December 2013

| September 30, 2013

About The Sowing Print Length: 319 pages Publisher: Layla Dog Press Remy Alexander was born into the elite meritocracy of the Okarian Sector. From an early age, she and her friends were programmed for intellectual and physical superiority through specialized dietary regimes administered by the Okarian Agricultural Consortium. But when her older sister Tai was murdered […]