Jennifer Ryan, author of THE CHILBURY LADIES’ CHOIR, on tour February/March 2017

| December 14, 2016

About The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir Hardcover: 384 pages Publisher: Crown (February 14, 2017) “Just because the men have gone to war, why do we have to close the choir? And precisely when we need it most!” As England enters World War II’s dark early days, spirited music professor Primrose Trent, recently arrived to the village […]

Scarlet Bennett, author of Striking Out, on tour July/August 2015

| May 12, 2015

About Striking Out Publisher: Firefield Press (July 14, 2015) Page count: 261 Sharon Jackson is forced to leave her childhood home in Western Australia after her turbulent personal and professional lives collide, leaving her singing career in ruins. On the run, she moves to Perth with an empty bank account, determined to prove her past […]

Richard J. Alley, author of Five Night Stand, on tour May 2015

| January 29, 2015

About Five Night Stand Paperback: 272 pages Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (May 12, 2015) Legendary jazz pianist Oliver Pleasant finds himself alone at the end of his career, playing his last five shows, hoping the music will draw his estranged family back… Frank Severs, a middle-aged, out-of-work journalist, is at a crossroads as his longtime […]

Marie-Helene Bertino, author of 2 A.M. at The Cat’s Pajamas, on tour August 2014

| May 29, 2014

About 2 A.M. at The Cat’s Pajamas Hardcover: 272 pages Publisher: Crown (August 5, 2014) 2 A.M. AT THE CAT’S PAJAMAS begins on a quiet morning in a Philadelphia apartment the day before Christmas Eve, where we meet the precocious and smart-mouthed nine-year-old Madeleine Altimari.  Madeleine’s mother has recently died, and her father is still lost in his […]

Tim Anderson, author of Sweet Tooth, on tour June 2014

| April 9, 2014

About Sweet Tooth Paperback: 334 pages Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (March 11, 2014) “To a boy whose ideal snack was Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, the existence of a disease like diabetes seemed like the dark work of a mean God.” So begins Sweet Tooth (March 2014 | Lake Union Publishing), the much-anticipated new memoir by Tim Anderson, […]