Victoria Fish, author of A Brief Moment of Weightlessness, on tour September/October 2014

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A Brief Moment of Weightlessness -About A Brief Moment of Weightlessness         

Publisher: Mayapple Press, June 2014

Short stories: 132 pages

A Brief Moment of Weightlessness is a collection of short stories that illuminate the beauty and extraordinariness of “ordinary” lives. Each explores the human desire for connectedness and grace.  The stories range from large upheavals such as how a marriage shifts when a spouse loses a limb or how a girl reconfigures her world when her father goes to jail, to smaller moments such as when a woman experiences wonder again on a visit to a nursing home with her child and their dog, or when a man finds redemption in the midst of tragedy after being bitten by his dying dog. These illuminating, heartbreaking, poignant, astute stories take on serious issues of death/dying, injury, infidelity, aftermath of war, estrangement and more, but without a sense of gloom that could overwhelm them. They often, though not always, find that glimmer of hope or opportunity, and they are told in a voice that can cut to the quick of a character or conflict, with endings that don’t always resolve neatly. These stories explore, dissect and celebrate those small moments within the larger events that make all of our lives extraordinary.

Praise for Victoria Fish’s work:

“Victoria Fish’s brilliant debut collection examines the complexity of relationships. Fish conveys a deep understanding of human nature, in prose both lyrical and powerful, as her characters grapple with the ambiguity of young adulthood, the rivalry between siblings, the loss of a parent, the anguish of being a parent to a child with cancer. As each short tale unfolds, the portent of something ominous urges us to read on, to read just one more, and then just one more.  Fish creates her settings with the luscious detail of the trained writer’s eye. Her characters seem so real we feel we know them–are them–as they face situations we fear and with which we may be all too familiar.” – Katharine Britton, author of Her Sister’s Shadow and Little Island  

“Victoria Fish’s debut collection casts a spell so subtle and sure it could only be the work of a master storyteller. It is this talented writer’s special gift to be able to unmask everyday reality, to distill la vie quotidienne to its essence and surprise us with the familiar. In rendering the struggles of ordinary people—suburban moms and military vets and disdained little sisters—she illuminates the stuff that makes us human, transporting the reader of A Brief Moment of Weightlessness beyond the everyday to the sublime. “- Sara Tucker, Author of Our House in Arusha

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Vicky outsideAbout Victoria Fish

In addition to writing short stories, Victoria Fish is pursuing her Masters of Social Work. Her stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines, including Hunger Mountain, Slow Trains, Wild River Review, and Literary Mama. She lives with her husband and three boys in the hills of Vermont. A Brief Moment of Weightlessness is her first book.

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Victoria Fish’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS:

Monday, September 15th:  Bibliophiliac

Wednesday, September 17th:  Kahakai Kitchen

Monday, September 22nd:  Seaside Book Nook

Wednesday, September 24th:  A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall

Thursday, September 25th:  Suko’s Notebook

Monday, September 29th:  Book Snob

Tuesday, September 30th:  A Bookish Way of Life

Wednesday, October 1st:  Bookchickdi

Monday, October 6th:  Svetlana’s Reads and Views

Wednesday, October 8th:  Patricia’s Wisdom

Thursday, October 9th:  Lit and Life

Tuesday, October 14th:  Under My Apple Tree

Wednesday, October 15th:  5 Minutes for Books


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