G. Michael Hopf, author of The End and The Long Road, on tour January 2014

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The endAbout The End: A Postapocalyptic Novel (The New World Series)

Series: The New World Series

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Plume (January 7, 2014)

Young Gordon Van Zandt valued duty and loyalty to country above all, so after 9/11, he dropped out of college and joined the Marine Corps. This idealism vanished one fateful day in a war-torn city in Iraq. Ten years later, he is still struggling with the ghosts of his past when a new reality is thrust upon him and his family: North America, Europe and the Far East have all suffered a devastating Super-EMP attack, which causes catastrophic damage to the nation’s power grid and essential infrastructures. Everything from cell phones to cars to computers cease to function, putting society at a standstill.

With civilization in chaos, Gordon must fight for the limited and fast dwindling resources. He knows survival requires action and cooperation with his neighbors, but as the days wear on, so does all sense of civility within his community—and so he must make some of the most difficult decisions of his life in order to ensure his family’s safety.

The Long RoadAbout The Long Road: A Postapocalyptic Novel (The New World Series)

Series: The New World Series

Paperback: 320 pages

Publisher: Plume (January 7, 2014)

The End was just the beginning of the new world…

Only six weeks have passed since a super-EMP attack devastated the United States, but already, life has changed dramatically. Most of America has become a wasteland filled with starving bands of people, mobs and gangs. Millions are dead and millions more are suffering, with no end in sight.

For Gordon, Samantha, Sebastian, Cruz and Barone, the turmoil and chaos they dealt with in the early weeks after the attack will seem trivial in comparison to the collapse of society that plays out before their eyes. Uncertainty abounds as they all travel different paths in search of a safe place to call home. The only thing that is definite is that The Long Road will take its toll on all of them.

 9af8ea2707950ad8976f48.L._V372166575_SX200_About G. Michael Hopf

G. Michael Hopf is the best-selling author of ‘The End – A Post Apocalyptic Novel’ and its sequel, ‘The Long Road’. He spent two decades living a life of adventure before he settled down and became a novelist full time. He is a former U.S. Marine combat veteran and bodyguard. He lives with his family in San Diego, CA.
Visit G. Michael Hopf at his website gmichaelhopf.comFacebook or Twitter.

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