Dilly Court, author of The Best of Daughters and The Lady’s Maid, on tour August/September 2013

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theladysmaidAbout The Lady’s Maid

Arrow (July 9, 2012)

512 pages

In the quiet of a warm summer’s evening, two young mothers are forced to give up their babies. Whilst Kate grows up knowing only poverty and servitude, Josie’s world is one of privilege and luxury.

Despite the differences in their circumstances, Kate and Josie have been friends since childhood. But their past binds them together in ways they must never know.

Until a chance meeting forces Kate and Josie to confront the truth of that night nearly twenty years before – a truth that turns both worlds upside down and threatens to destroy their friendship forever…

bestofdaughtersAbout The Best of Daughters

Arrow (Dec. 17, 2012)

480 pages

Despite her privileged upbringing, Daisy Lennox has always longed to make something of her life.

She is drawn to the suffragette movement, but when her father faces ruin they are forced to move to the country and Daisy’s first duty is to her family.

Here she becomes engaged to her childhood friend – a union both families have dreamed of.

But, on the eve of their wedding, war is declared, and Daisy knows her life will never be the same again…

 dillycourtAbout Dilly Court

Dilly Court grew up in North-east London and began her career in television, writing scripts for commercials. She is married with two grown-up children and four grandchildren, and now lives in Dorset on the beautiful Jurassic Coast with her husband.

Dilly is a Sunday Times Top Ten bestselling author in the UK, where she has sold over a million books to date. Her books have this year been released for the first time as ebooks in the United States. Print and e-editions are available in Canada and Australia.


Dilly Court’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS:

Monday, August 26th:  Patricia’s Wisdom  (The Lady’s Maid)

Tuesday, August 27th:  Reading Reality  (The Best of Daughters)

Thursday, August 29th:  Tiffany’s Bookshelf  (The Lady’s Maid)

Friday, August 30th:  A Bookish Way of Life  (The Best of Daughters)

Tuesday, September 3rd:  Patricia’s Wisdom  (The Best of Daughters)

Wednesday, September 4th:  Black ‘n Gold Girl’s Book Spot  (The Lady’s Maid)

Thursday, September 5th:  Unabridged Chick (The Best of Daughters)

Friday, September 6th:  A Chick Who Reads (The Lady’s Maid)

Monday, September 9th:  Laura’s Reviews  (The Best of Daughters)

Tuesday, September 10th:  Reviews from the Heart  (The Best of Daughters)

Thursday, September 12th:  Books and Movies  (The Lady’s Maid)

Friday, September 13th:  Peeking Between the Pages     (The Lady’s Maid)

Monday, September 16th:  Bookchickdi  (The Lady’s Maid)

Tuesday, September 17th:  Diary of a Stay at Home Mom  (The Best of Daughters)

Wednesday, September 18th:  No More Grumpy Bookseller  (The Lady’s Maid)

Thursday, September 19th:  Broken Teepee  (The Best of Daughters)

Friday, September 20th:  Library of Clean Reads (The Lady’s Maid)

Monday, September 23rd:  Laura’s Reviews (The Lady’s Maid)

Thursday, September 25th:  Broken Teepee  (The Lady’s Maid)

Friday, September 26th:  Library of Clean Reads  (The Best of Daughters)

Monday, October 28th: Booktalk & More  (The Best of Daughters)


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